Take stock and party! We took our friends to the Elvis premiere.

The Taurus family were made to feel like stars when they turned out in June for the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s musical drama film on the life of a rock legend, Elvis Presley. 

There was no red carpet but there was a glass of champagne for each of our 70 guests at the iconic Hayden Orpheum theatre as they moved about in their seats, first to the sounds of an Elvis impersonator, followed by the movie capturing the epic and sad story of “The King’s” short life (Elvis died 16 August 1977, aged just 42).  

If Elvis was alive today he would be 85 years-old, and for many standing in the queue waiting to go into the theatre (which was opened the same year-1935- that Elvis was born) they were convinced he was still alive. As one person said on the night, “Elvis had a beginning but no end.”  

It was a night to remember at the Orpheum, which has close ties with Taurus. Our Chief Executive, Sharon Williams, is pictured on a large billboard on the facade of the building, which is seen daily by thousands of motorists, to promote the work undertaken by Sydney’s premier PR and marketing company. 

Apart from the Taurus family of staff, friends, and clients, the event was a sell-out on the night with more than 700 guests in total. Describing the demographic of the audience was a challenge, although it looked to me like our “oldies” have not forgotten the memories of their youth. The younger people in the audience had a similar reaction. If they were in any doubt, I sat next to two 18- year-old boys, from Marist Brothers school at North Sydney – having a night off from studying for their higher school certificate – who were up on their feet dancing to the melodious voice of Elvis and totally captivated by his iconic stage presence as portrayed so vividly in the movie. 

Even as we were in the queue going into the theatre there was another young couple. I asked the young man, who was 23 years-old, if he was an Elvis fan. He didn’t hesitate to say, ‘Yes.’ Also, I asked what about your girlfriend who was standing next to him. His unabashed response, was “that’s why I love her.”   

If you’re like most people, you came out of the theatre singing one of Elvis’s favourite tunes. I’m driving people around me crazy with the song ‘The Wonder of You’. Perhaps it is my way of applauding the wonder of Elvis.  

Long Live the King. 

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