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Today saw the furthering of Facebook’s venture into being a one-stop-shop for marketers of all kinds by releasing an application called Insights. As reported by Fastcompany, it allows page creators to discover in great detail a complete history of your page’s metrics.

This includes being able to see how many people viewed certain posts on any given day as well as a demographic breakdown of your audience – truly a business owner’s dream come true!

On the other hand, one should be wary of taking these numbers too seriously or out of context, as statistics have been well known to lie through their teeth.

Social media is less about raw figures and more about sharing. Like these guys.

The key form of currency in the world of social media is social value. A brand, personality or product must establish itself as being worth the time to be followed and have something important to contribute to the online space. Companies that utilise their platforms as mere press releases tend to have less influence than those who are seen as a thought leader in a field.

Luckily for you readers, Facebook have taken this into account with their latest offering. You can now track not just the number of ‘likes’ and comments your page has generated, but also the number of those who are then spreading your content with their network, expanding your page’s reach significantly.

So keep in mind when you next evaluate your Facebook metrics that you may have to be looking at more than just the extra handful of followers you have. Think more about the wider community and what your role is amongst it.

Some great examples of pages that represent true social value are:
ASOS Fashion

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