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Out with the old, in with the New

With yet another year drawing to a close and a glimpse of a fresh one on the horizon, people often like to take the time to start drafting up their’ game plan for the next year. Now more than ever is the time to bring life back to our brands. To refresh, reinvigorate and revamp without denying your own classic authenticity that makes your brand stand out. Your brand is what characterises you from your competitors, helping to create that lasting impression that will stick in your audience’s mind. It is how you are seen. So, a refreshed personal brand just in time for the New Year could be all that is needed to set you on the right track for an exciting year ahead. Recognising that a strong brand is authentic, suitable and distinguishable is a catalyst for achieving success with your brand.  


To kick-start your year by kick-starting your personal rebranding, here are some top tips to help you go the extra mile this New Year:  

Clearly re-evaluate your goals  

What do you want to achieve with your brand? Be specific; make it measurable. Perhaps you want more publicity for your brand? Or maybe you want to find a new job for the new year? Having a re-think of your goals and going back to the foundations of your business can be imperative for success. Making sure your goals align with your vision and being consistent through and through – that’s what will get you and your personal brand over the line. 

Moreover, re-evaluating your goals stimulates personal perspective and focus and encourages the achievement of your goals. Rebranding through re-evaluating your goals will provide clarity, motivation and direction for your personal brand. Why wait – get onto it now with the New Year hot on our heels.  


Presentation, Presentation, Presentation  

Coming hand in hand is a presentation and personal style. Appearing neat and confident is important to show that you’ve made an effort, and to be a professional, you need to dress the part. This is super important in our current working world, where the hybrid working style has become favoured by 44% of employees. Dressing to impress this New Year, whether it be in the office or from the waist up over Zoom in the comfort of your own home, is essential to personal rebranding in making you look and feel the part. Again, stay authentic to yourself, but small changes like added accessories, a new (real) Zoom background, or even just improving your lighting by facing away from a bright window to optimise how you look on camera will all help with the presentational aspect of your personal rebranding. Additionally, personal rebranding through touching up your presentation in preparation for the New Year shows dedication and commitment to your role. Keep it smart, keep it simple, and keep it authentic.  


Be Consistent, Be Patient  

Being patient is particularly key to keeping at the forefront of your mind when enhancing your personal brand. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rebranding and reinvigorating your personal brand also won’t happen in a day, either, but there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to start. After all, it is a universal time for fresh starts and revamps. You have to be consistent with what you are trying to communicate and present about yourself and why and how you will communicate your personal brand in a particular way. When it comes down to it, consistency in personal rebranding is what helps you to build trust with your audience and position yourself as an authority and a thought leader in your industry.  


The New Year is knocking on our doors, and it is perhaps the best time for a little personal rebranding. Kick off the year right with a professional, authentic, refreshed personal brand that aligns with what makes you stand out from the rest. Whether you’ll be in the office, making the most of a WFH environment, or maybe even both, it’s time to get your personal brand in the spotlight this year and look good. New Year, New Personal Brand, as they say, right?  

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