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My first hands-on experience in the Public Relations (PR) industry was during my 3-month internship at TaurusAcademy©. It was the most I had learnt about the industry in a limited period, enabling me to shadow Taurus Account Managers during their daily work routine and pick their brains as I helped with various tasks. I had limited experience in a corporate setting, so I was grateful my mentors were at my side every day and attentive to my professional goals. During my time at Taurus, I improved my attention to detail, time-management skills and written communication skills, helping out with client pitch presentations.  

I was also given tasks that required my own creativity and personal knowledge, such as workshopping campaign ideas, creating content for TikTok and Instagram and conducting research on a variety of industries. During the team huddle, I was able to listen in on and learn how Taurus CEO, Sharon Williams mentor the team on how to best achieve client goals and how to build your own personal brand.  

My TaurusAcademy© internship experience exceeded my expectations as I worked closely with the Taurus team who was always ready to give me extensive feedback and assistance. This was very beneficial in my learning as a recent university graduate. Whilst I didn’t do much practical work in PR and social media, my knowledge from my university degree has been enhanced during my 3 months at Taurus.  

Today, I have a clearer vision for my future career choices and new expectations for a professional workplace. My biggest tip for future interns is to not be afraid to communicate with the Taurus team for any tips or advice, as they will always be open to helping you throughout your journey and are extremely involved in your internship.  

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