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An internship is an essential experience to finish a degree. It fills the journey between university and getting a full-time job.

The Taurus Academy provides an excellent opportunity to apply theoretical skills from university in a practical setting. This internship complemented my Marketing and Media degree well by providing me with experience in an agency setting.

The Taurus team were very welcoming. It was lovely to work in their beautiful Barangaroo office but also gain experience working from home. I always felt comfortable learning from the team and asking questions. I was also given the freedom to use my own knowledge when completing tasks and offer suggestions to improve.

My favourite experience at Taurus was sitting in on a meeting. I was able to hear all the wonderful ideas the talented team had in regard to personal branding. It was a great experience to learn new terminology and how Taurus apply theoretical concepts.

Some of the daily tasks I would perform were media monitoring, social media engagement, writing blog articles and planning future social media posts. I also had the opportunity to complete meltwater training courses. These are extra certifications that you can add to your LinkedIn.

This internship challenged me to be proactive and constantly communicate. I learnt the importance of asking questions to ensure improvement.

If you are thinking about undertaking this internship, I highly recommend it. It was a very rewarding experience to develop new skills and create networks.

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