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It all started with basic research of agencies for which I wanted to work for and gain experience from. Before joining the TaurusAcademy© program I already put in two years of hard work, working as an in-house Marketing Assistant. The idea for me to join this internship program was to up-skill and gain holistic view of marketing through the public relations lens. From my first day till the last, the Taurus team has always been on my side, mentoring and supporting wherever required. The Taurus team members provided great support to build my confidence, motivate me to do my personal best, educate me about the industry and give me an insight into agency life.


I entered the program with basic theoretical knowledge of the PR industry, and I am leaving with hands on experience after being mentored by team members and helping support their work across various industries. The game-changer was the opportunity to create my own goals and begin working towards them with assistance from seasoned professionals at each stage. The internship gave me the opportunity to write blogs, articles and generic content which were reviewed and feedbacked by the team and published on various platforms whilst improving my copywriting skills.


You will also get the opportunity to schedule a meeting with the CEO of Taurus Marketing, Sharon William, to mentor you and set you up for future success. I have always seen internships as a great opportunity to build my professional network, and I can confidently say that I have built a network for life. Anyone who is looking to gain some practical experience in the PR industry, I would highly recommend applying for the TaursAcademy© program to up-skill and achieve your personal goals.

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