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#NOBULLAPPROACH – Taurus FastTrack™ Intern Blog Spot – Jaqui Peters

This was my first internship and after hearing some less than pleasant stories from others, I was a little bit concerned about how it would all unfold. Being an intern at Taurus was one of the best experiences I could have asked for; it was informative and rewarding, with the best team teaching me real skills that I would need in this industry. In this internship you are thrown straight into it, doing work in the marketing field but with the support of experienced professionals to help you learn the ropes.

The team were always supportive, completely understanding if there was something you were confused about and always open to answer any questions and because of this, the work environment was comfortable and calm even though everyone were always on the go. The CEO, Sharon, was constantly moving and busy but always had time to help her team out with any issues they had and gave them advice – in line with her no bull approach – while also congratulating them and praising them warmly when they did a good job or had a win.

As an intern at Taurus, you are given a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, which allows you to gain new skills and knowledge about the marketing and PR field. However, what I appreciated about Taurus was that the interns are often asked to apply their own ideas to the work, giving us a challenge and, in my opinion, gave us a deeper understanding of the work involved in this industry.

Before starting this internship, I was completely lost as to what I wanted to do after university and initially I only applied because a ‘Marketing internship’ would look good on my resume. But I’m so glad I did because it’s given me a whole new direction in my career path as marketing wasn’t something that I was really considering previously. If I could give future interns any tips it would be: do an internship! I would highly recommend doing one at Taurus but if not, do any other internship you can. University and the real working world are two very different things and it is better to learn that sooner rather than later.

Jaqui Peters

If you know a young, bright student interested in gaining PR/Marketing agency experience get them to email their resume to [email protected]

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