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Employees Only Singapore DSC01494

Bar of the month ‘Employees Only’ Sydney

Last week Taurus visited Employees Only, the cocktails were creative and the food was delicious! Perfect for a multitude of occasions the bar is coined one of the best in the world, originally from New York they opened in Sydney in 2018.

Employees Only is located next to Martin Place at 9a Barrack St Sydney, if you blink you’ll miss it. Look out for the ‘Psychic’ neon sign, walk down the stairs and behind the curtain and you’ll find a tarot reader! Keep an eye out for the 49% off drinks for happy hours on their website.

This is the sixth global outpost of Employees only with others in New York City, Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. There are two menus to choose from, a full list of dinner items and an all-night snacks list, available 11pm to 2.30am. Think pork belly,  steak tartare, bone marrow and lamb chops!

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