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18 Years of Award Winning Results

Taurus is one of Australia’s highest profile, privately owned, integrated Marketing agencies.

We deliver strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Creative and Social Media Solutions to help drive your business forward. Clients range from smart entrepreneurs to major ASX-listed corporations across the B2B and B2C sectors.

Taurus offers unparalleled levels of service with a practical, ‘No Bull’ approach focused on delivering results based on the TaurusBullseye©. We warmly invite you to experience the Taurus way of doing business!

The business of fame

Leaders in personal branding

Our clients trusted advisor

“Ms Williams was a dynamic and inspiring guest speaker for the Media Futures class at Macquarie University. With years of experience and insight to draw on, Ms Williams engaged students with pertinent, interesting and highly motivational advice. The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward to inviting Ms Williams to similar events at Macquarie University in the future.”

Dr Susie Khamis, Lecturer, Department of Media, Music & Cultural Studies, Macquarie University

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“To measure results we set specific KPIs around PR, signing stories and case studies. Taurus performed exceptionally well against every benchmark.”

“Our Taurus Account Manager brings enthusiasm, passion and pride to the work she delivers for us and is totally dedicated to achieving results.”
“Taurus’ proven capability in our market meant they were quick to ramp up and deliver results for us.”

Michael Browne, former CEO, Datacom

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“Before Taurus we had no sales collateral. Now we have a great website and a set of effective brochures and case studies that help cut our typical sales cycle dramatically.”

“The calibre and profile of the Taurus clients proved that we could trust Taurus to establish and maintain a market presence for us. The Taurus team is extremely responsive. We never have to wait for them- they are always chasing us”

Mike Smith, Managing Director, Simbient

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“Rather than hire one marketing person we hired a team. Taurus comes in with a group of specialists, providing many additional minds working on our business.”

“Once we’re in a magazine the exposure and word of mouth kicks in and sales climb.”

“The Taurus Creative Director just read my mind! He perfectly understood where I want the Company to go.”

Dana Baggetto, Director, Maxon Australia

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“As a large company in the public eye, our expectations are high and we expect ROI. Taurus understand our business and consistently impress us with the results they achieve.”

“They are a support mechanism that totally underpins our marketing department. After seven years of working with us they still deliver work of the highest standard on time every time.”

Kevin Ryder, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, KAZ

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“The Taurus messaging and positioning workshop captured our thoughts and ideas into a formal document that could be drawn upon when developing our marketing strategies in both the short and long term – it hit the nail on the head perfectly.

“The amount of new business we have gained through the website has been well beyond out expectations”

Brett Churcher, Managing Director, Playoust Churcher Architects

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“We are now much more effective in attracting clients from Australia’s Top 200 companies. I attribute this to Taurus’ success in raising our profile, increasing awareness and making us look more professional as a brand.”

“Taurus facilitated a session with our senior team and helped us define more accurately who we are, what we do and where we are going.”

Richard Hewson, CEO, Hewsons

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“The work we did with Taurus in strengthening our brand, was a key reason for MPower being awarded a major project in a new marketing in engineering excellence.”
“The Taurus team listened, heard us, formed their opinions, were very professional and delivered what they said they would deliver. It was this project that resulted in the step change in revenue in excess of 20% over a year and half since the re-branding exercise.”

Paul Sharp, Managing Director, MPower

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“Far beyond my expectations. Detailed. Stretched. Inspirational. Taurus reaches out into new media, into new areas in which they integrate and link back to all of their clients, so I found it a very wide and embracing approach to the mission that we’re on, which is to make a name.”

John Weiss, CEO, Trans-Tasman Business Circle

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“At every point of contact and at every level, whether by phone or in person, the Taurus team display the highest standards of professionalism, politeness and customer awareness. We trust them completely and can relax in the knowledge we have a reliable business partner.”

“Taurus PR expertise keeps the KAZ name at the forefront of business news. The tailored approach means we get excellent coverage time after time”

Peter Kazacos, Former Managing Director, KAZ Group

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“Working with Taurus has completely changed my previous perceptions of just what an agency can do for us.”

“With Taurus we’ve never been just another client. They work tirelessly to bring us the best opportunities and always have our interests at heart. I’m thrilled with the help and results we get from Taurus.”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications, WebCentral

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“Taurus provides PR that is very strategic and brilliantly executed. It is exactly the PR that resonates well with the bankers and lawyers who are our potential clients.”

“Working with an integrated agency saves us time and takes away risk. Dedicated frontline people and an agency principal I can call anytime means I don’t waste time with people who don’t know my business and results are fast.”

Sam Riley, Managing Director, Ansarada

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“On a scale of one to ten I would rate Taurus a definite ten. They fully understand our business and provide us with a fast, effective service that helps our business stand out from the crowd.”

“ We trust Taurus to always give sound recommendations and valuable creative feedback. They listen to our business requirements, are open to our feedback and always provide us with alternatives.”

Guy Riddle, Managing Director, Snapdragon Consulting

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“When Workchoices legislation was at its most topical, Aussiepay appeared in the media 23 times, including four interviews in The Australian Financial Review over the course of eight days”

What is so refreshing about Taurus compared to other agencies I’ve dealt with is nothing they do is ever less than professional.”

Dean Morelli, Managing Director, Aussiepay

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“We went to Taurus for PR, but in doing so, ended up with so much more”

“They supplied us with a new strategic process for our product and service offering. Internally we were very happy with the approach and saw great possibilities for it.”

Scott Deane, Stellar Group General Manager Sales

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“The support of Taurus throughout the 2011 campaign was great. The vast media coverage they helped us achieve spread our message far and wide, encouraging all Australians to get involved”

“The dedicated Taurus team was completely committed to getting us the greatest exposure possible; it was a huge achievement.”

Ian Kiernan, AO Chairman and Founder of Clean Up Australia Day

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“We saw Taurus as an extension of our own team. The constant communication was superb and our working relationship was a pleasure. The overall return on investment was fantastic.”

Meeting with the management team to clarify our objectives and strategy up front made sure we were all on the same page and able to move forward quickly together. We worked from the messaging and positioning document which kept us on track throughout the campaign”

Daniel Willis, Bible Society CEO

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