At Taurus, we get Tech

Working with Technology means we’re always on the cutting edge of what’s coming next – which is exciting, complex and smart. It means we have to know trends, tech tips, who’s who in the zoo and understand the evolution of technology from both a technical and business context. For over 25 years this has been the world of our CEO.

At Taurus, we have been building tech brands since 1995. After more than 23 years working with tech startups from almost every industry across four continents, we have “seen it all” and can protect you from making those “same old” mistakes. It’s all about getting you on track as fast as possible and keeping you there!

We have built our brand servicing technology entrepreneurs and startups across a broad range of industries, including professional services, banking and finance, health and beauty, property, biotech, fintech and not-for-profit.

Our founding client was Peter Kazacos of the KAZ Group – a relationship that has spanned some 23 years.


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Our entrepreneurs come back to us time and time again to build revenue and help plan and implement their exit strategy.

Artificial Intelligence – a whole new world

Using our TaurusBullseye™ methodology which has helped build brands such as KAZ, ASUS, OVH, Cybertrust,  Datacom, Trustdefender, Zone Labs and IngramMicro, we use a combination of tried and tested, plus new, emerging ways to showcase the business benefits of your technology and reach new audiences.

Through Thought Leadership, partnerships, B2B and B2C knowledge we help you grow and establish brand using the right strategies with the right message. We help you target new customers with new ideas and opportunities.

We particularly enjoy introducing new brands to Australia, bringing startups to a successful seed and have a specialist arm that works with App entrepreneurs.

With over a thousand global real world customer examples to reference, we can show you what – we know – works best and how not to waste unnecessary budget.

“The outstanding coverage achieved by Taurus in Australia has been picked up in other global regions so the impact was huge, and it has showed us all just what is possible.”

Ally Zwahlen, International Public Relations Manager, Zone Labs, a Check Point Company

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Years of international experience in the startup ecosystem

We’ve worked with startups, entrepreneurs and large ASX listed companies and taken B2B and B2C brands through to sale, including household tech brands such as KAZ and Trustdefender.

We will study the competition – if it exists – cut through the hype and jargon and put a strategy and tactical plan together. Our tech marketing team will provide you with a proven specialist service that focuses on the best approach for you personally, your business and your industry.

We know how because we do it all the time!

“Taurus is our special counsel. They are more than a marketing agency, they are business consultants to us.”

Sam Riley, Managing Director and Founder, Ansarada

What does Taurus offer?

  • Review what you want to achieve – TaurusBullseye©
  • Strategies to support your business and traditional marketing and PR campaigns
  • Identification and engagement of key influencers
    Integration strategies to pull together your offline
    and online efforts
  • Social media tactical plan to maximise your
    presence online – TaurusSocial©
  • Personal Branding – TaurusProfile™
  • 90 Day plans with KPI’s
  • TaurusAppLauncher©
  • Crisis management and response planning
  • Mentoring of your team
  • Template and system creation
  • Definition of measurement criteria and ROI reporting

“At every point of contact and at every level, whether by phone or in person, the Taurus team display the highest standards of professionalism, politeness and customer awareness. We trust them completely and can relax in knowledge we have a reliable business partner.”

Peter Kazacos, Founder and former Director KAZ Group, former CEO of Anittel


TaurusBullseye© An integrated model that takes responsibility across the board

Our success is based on our unique TaurusBullseye© methodology: A 360-degree process we have developed from years of knowledge, success and experience. Our clients use the TaurusBullseye© to create strategic plans or execute on parts of an overall strategy.

Using the TaurusBullseye© we plan, develop and facilitate business marketing and communication objectives. Our most successful, award winning case studies have been built using this 360-degree model.

Who is TaurusTechnology© for?

  • IT Service providers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • B2B markets
  • B2C markets
  • Hardware resellers
  • Software houses
  • Support services
  • The Channel
  • Distributors
  • Resellers
  • Global tech leaders
  • Incoming tech brands
  • App entrepreneurs

“Taurus is our special counsel. They are more than a marketing agency, they are business consultants to us.”

Sam Riley, Managing Director and Founder, Ansarada

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