Bringing university education to more students around the world

The Taurus team was delighted to engage UTS Insearch as a client in 2012, a higher education institution and the premium pathway provider for one of Australia’s number one young university, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). UTS Insearch offers English Language education, UTS Foundation Studies and higher education diplomas. The organisation’s mission is to bring university success within reach of more people around the world.

We were confident we could build a relationship based on trust and shared values and use our TaurusBullseye™ formula to develop an effective public relations program.

Taurus was chosen to gain traction for UTS Insearch, predominantly through working with Tier one, education and onshore ethnic media.

In the first year, a range of activities were undertaken to identify and position UTS Insearch with media.

Researching and establishing a new  PR strategy

  • Media audit – Our first suggestion was to conduct a media audit to establish a baseline and check media perception.
  • The TaurusBullseye™ strategy session – Using the TaurusBullseye™ methodology we helped to establish a way forward and define a value proposition for the media.
  • Qualitative research – We identified the top six education journalists and met with them to discuss what interested them and what they expected to hear from UTS Insearch to help gain share-of-voice.

Finding and training ambassadors to communicate the message

In 2012, the Taurus team recommended Rowan Kunz – Founder of Art of Smart Education, an award-winning academic mentoring service – to UTS Insearch. Taurus facilitated this collaboration with Rowan presenting study skills sessions with UTS Insearch in schools across Sydney. Rowan helped to build awareness in schools, and this collaboration has been profiled in a variety of media including the Daily Telegraph.

Using student ambassadors to tell the UTS Insearch story

To help establish the UTS Insearch brand personality, the voice of real students, both internationally and in Australia, is used to demonstrate the benefits of the UTS Insearch Model of Learning. Taurus assisted in developing the skills of the first major group of student ambassadors, conducting media training with selected students and providing them with support to maximum the opportunity.Six years with UTS Insearch celebrates with Taurus to  drive enrolment

Working with affiliate global agencies to spread the message

Taurus has assisted in building the global media profile for UTS Insearch across key markets by collaborating with affiliate agencies in several Asian countries. As internal PR resources and strategies have grown, many of these affiliates remain an integral part of the UTS Insearch global PR program.

Working with the onshore ethnic media to reach families

UTS Insearch students come from up to 50 different countries. Taurus has been engaging with the ethnic media based in Australia to communicate UTS Insearch’s activities through Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Persian publications, which reach  large groups of the international student population  and their families.