Taurus integrates marketing, PR & design

HappyParentsHappyKids is a privately owned organisation with the aim to help families understand each other. The company equips today’s parents with practical strategies to improve the relationships between family members. Via its family communication tools and resources, the company helps families improve interactions, enhance harmony and maximise children’s learning capacity. It achieves this by promoting an understanding of the unique personality traits of each family member.

Taurus targets families & children

Peter Eeles, Managing Director of HappyParentsHappyKids, recalls the company’s need, as a start up, to establish a strong identity, to raise awareness and create credibility. He explains, “We found it extremely difficult to establish a company with no visual representation of who we are or what we do. We needed an image to sum up simply and effectively what we are all about. At this time, we approached Taurus to develop the HappyParentsHappyKids identity.”

Fast turnaround from an integrated agency

Before contracting Taurus, HappyParentsHappyKids considered using independent graphic designers but decided instead to use a full service marketing agency. Peter explains, “Taurus was the best option because it could offer us a depth of service in a short time frame. We required a fast turnaround and by having everything in house, Taurus delivered to our requirements quickly. As a start-up business, this was vitally important.

Taurus offers flexibility of design & approach

A vibrant, youthful company with a unique offering, HappyParentsHappyKids wanted a design team with the flexibility to meet its requirements. Peter explains, “As a family-focused organisation, we didn’t want a slick corporate design but rather a warm, friendly identity that reflects our family focus but is still professional.” Peter continues, “The logo that Taurus designed was exactly how I had imagined it in my head – it feels organic and is colourful with a warm human element. The Taurus team took our requirements and successfully translated them into an effective design with great impact.”

A professional & memorable identity helps open doors

In its early growth phase, HappyParentsHappyKids found not having a professional suite of collateral was a hindrance to business. Peter comments, “It was especially tricky going to meetings and not being able to leave a business card or a brochure. We needed something to remind people of who we are. The suite of collateral Taurus has created for us gives us a professional appearance.” He adds, “The strong, happy design also means people now remember us. Many clients have commented, ‘Oh, you are the guys with the smiley circles logo.”