A first venture into PR

Simbient has over 15 years experience in writing customised software solutions for leading household names including Aussie Home Loans, Commander, ACP and Corporate Express.

As a rapidly growing company with no formal PR and marketing program, Simbient wanted a marketing partner to help refocus its brand and improve awareness of Simbient’s services amongst its key target audiences.

In late 2005, Simbient selected Taurus Marketing as its marketing agency – and since then has gained an entire outsourced marketing department to help establish Simbient as one of Australia’s leading niche software engineering brands.

The Taurus integrated offering and IT industry expertise are a winning combination

Before Taurus, Simbient was using a variety of marketing suppliers. Simbient Managing Director, Mike Smith, comments, “Marketing and PR were always on the ‘to do’ list for us, but using different suppliers meant there was a lack of brand consistency. Our target audiences weren’t getting the right messages about us.”

“My preference was to work with one agency with a broad range of skills – a partner which would take the time to get to know our business. I didn’t have much experience with marketing and PR, so it was important to choose an expert organisation with experience in our industry.”

In late 2005, Simbient chose Taurus Marketing as its communications provider.

Priority projects deliver quick wins

An immediate priority for Taurus was updating Simbient’s website, which was not communicating the company’s core expertise as well as it could.

“People had the impression we were a web development company. The Taurus design team took our existing brand elements and made them more clean and corporate, to ensure our website establishes the Simbient identity clearly – and people immediately understand we are a software engineering company,” Mike says.

Professional collateral reduces Simbient’s sales cycle

Taurus has also helped Simbient develop a professional suite of sales collateral. “The case studies that Taurus has written, designed and laid out, have helped us establish credibility quickly and significantly shortened our sales cycle. In situations where we once got uncertainty, now our case studies provide reassurance that we can deliver real results. They speak volumes about our experience, and the calibre of clients that we work with,” comments Mike.

Taurus is an integrated agency that meets Simbient’s needs

The Taurus integrated capabilities have helped Simbient create a more stable brand.

“With Taurus, we have a lot more consistency. Our website, case studies and event invitations look like each other – which is important in establishing the Simbient brand quickly,” says Mike.

“The Taurus broad range of expertise means I only have to brief one supplier about our organisation, which saves effort from our end. I appreciate that Taurus identifies what we need and has the resources to provide it. Their value is that they provide a complementary mindset to ours, coming up with ideas that we simply would never have thought of.”

Taurus supports and adapts as Simbient grows

For Simbient, Taurus is an ongoing support mechanism. Mike explains, “As our business grows, we plan to use Taurus to help us ensure our value proposition is aligned with the market.”

“We’re a customised software engineering company and Taurus is our customised marketing agency – there’s no cookie cutter approach.”