Nubian is a fast growing innovator in water technology solutions

Nubian Water Systems provides sustainable water solutions for the urban environment and is committed to providing water-intensive applications across both domestic and commercial markets including homes, offices and industrial facilities. Nubian is passionate about helping businesses improve their water balance and strive towards a net-zero water future.

Effective social media strategy reaches influencers and expands business

The Taurus brief was to develop a three-month strategic social media influencer program for Barry Porter, CEO of Nubian Water Systems, that would engage environment and water industry experts in conversation and build recognition and thought leadership. To achieve this, Taurus undertook a Twitter campaign introducing Barry to key influencers via Twitter conversations. Taurus strategically managed Barry’s Twitter until he became a part of key conversations and recognised by target influencers.

Over a 3 month period, Taurus increased Barry’s sphere of influence in the Twitter ecosphere, increased his followers and promoted him as an authority in the field of water sustainability and green technology solutions.

Social media listening audit identifies and allows target of stakeholders

Taurus initiated the Twitter strategy with a listening audit of relevant media, journalists and organisations in the water sustainability and green technology space. Once Barry was connected to these influencers and stakeholders, the Taurus team monitored and logged relevant conversations that occurred on Twitter over a given period.  The intention was to identify the target market on Twitter, take note of what issues were of importance to them and then prepare content for Barry that would tap into these ‘trending topics’ and grab attention.

Bold tone achieves qualitative results in limited timeframe

Following the listening audit, Taurus planned regular tweets on subjects topical to Twitter conversations ensuring Nubian key messages were simultaneously leveraged. The TaurusEngageTM  strategy adopted a confident and bold approach that drew on Barry’s professional expertise to make high-impact comments on sustainability both globally and in Australia. The hashtag #sustainability and targeted tweets on key dates – World Water Day and Green Buildings Month increased the visibility of the Barry Porter Twitter account, attracting mentions, favourites and retweets.

TaurusEngageTM connected Barry Porter to highly influential spokespeople in his industry.  By leveraging new virtual connections, Barry was able to secure real-life meetings and create strategic alliances to further business opportunities.

Within the first week, Barry Porter had received three new strategic followers including the official Twitter accounts of Australian Water (1,941 followers) and Sustainability TV (13,446 followers).

Real-time social media monitoring taps into hot topics

Taurus complemented scheduled Twitter content with active real-time monitoring to engage in Twitter conversation on breaking news issues. By closely monitoring targeted Twitter accounts, Taurus found and leveraged opportunities for Barry Porter to comment on, connect with and debate – and ultimately meet face to face. This strategy strengthened Barry Porter’s reputation as a thought leader and demonstrated to the key influencers in the Twitter community that he was an active commentator and thought leader on important industry issues.

By the end of the first month, Barry Porter had received ten new followers including EEC Renewable Energy (10,229 followers), a highly influential education agency working with the United Nations to offer courses on renewable energy.