A French company but a local approach

Esker Software solutions connect people and information. Providing access to enterprise host systems and delivering business information from any enterprise source to any destination, Esker solutions include

Esker DeliveryWare Platform

Esker FaxTM, Esker VSI-FAX®, and Esker VSI-FAX for Notes

Persona® by Esker, SmarTerm® by Esker, and Tun®Plus by Esker.

Esker is traded on Euronext – the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marché/Euroclear: 3581). With offices in North America, Europe and Asia/ Pacific, Esker has shipped over 80,000 document solutions and has a host-access installed base of more than two million licensed users.

An integrated solution that sets new benchmarks

Esker Software specialises in reducing costs and improving companies’ overall profitability through the electronic delivery of business documents that historically have been sent via the traditional methods of mail or manual fax. Esker’s Asia Pacific headquarters were established in Sydney in the late 1990’s. To help the company and its innovative products gain recognition in the Australian market, Esker engaged Taurus Marketing.

James Elkington, Managing Director for Esker Software explains, “As a start-up company in Australia we had neither the skills nor resources to set up our own marketing department. Taurus came up with fresh ideas and insights that are hard to achieve internally.

Mentoring of internal staff and management

James comments, “Taurus’ mentoring delivered fast results. Soon we were able to handle more of the day-to-day marketing in-house, leaving Taurus to focus on strategy and specific projects.”

Anna Mascarello, former Marketing Co-ordinator at Esker adds, “I had to cover multiple tasks in my job. Taurus introduced both the processes and the content to make me a success.”

User stories that established an international benchmark

The suite of local case studies developed by Taurus quickly became one of the most powerful and valued sales tools. As James explains, “The testimonials and case studies Taurus delivered are our ‘proof of concept’ and paramount to the success of our new technologies and sales processes.”

He adds, “We’ve now got 10 very strong case studies. Taurus achieved excellent buy-in from our customers and went on to negotiate editorial coverage of the stories in a number of business publications, which was excellent publicity for us and our customers.”

Press coverage helps put Esker on the map

“We signed up several new deals, directly attributable to the coverage Taurus gained for us in The Financial Review, a first for us in Australia”, explains James.

He adds, “The publicity Taurus achieved for us in well-known publications raised our profile and created awareness of our technology.”

Marketing advice in step with our business

James adds, “Taurus understood our business. They evolved with us and understood where we were going and what we were trying to achieve. This is vital in a fast-changing business like ours.” He concludes, “Our Account Manager was supremely capable and incredibly hardworking.

The Taurus team is a highly motivated, focused and personable group of individuals who are both professional and fun to work with.”