Taurus is the go-to agency for tech start-ups

Ansarada creates online data rooms where competitive multi-billion dollar deals are brokered by blue chip corporations with airtight security, secrecy and speed. In 2005 Ansarada launched in an emergent market for secure virtual data rooms and the company’s upwards trajectory has been phenomenal ever since.

Taurus entered the equation early on, becoming Ansarada’s outsourced marketing operation to deliver smart strategic marketing and public relations to boost the company’s success.

Taurus came on a professional recommendation

Ansarada Managing Director Sam Riley is passionate about marketing, “I have a solid background in marketing and I’ve worked with companies like Unilever and BMW, but as MD I found myself wearing five or six hats. It was clear we needed professional help.”

“My plan was to kick off with PR. A friend with a juice bar recommended a consumer PR agency she’d used. I met them and they unselfishly referred me to Taurus because of their IT focus.”

“I was instantly impressed by the level of questioning and interest I got from Taurus – and it has never stopped! Here was an agency intent on first understanding what we were doing and what we wanted to become. Only then did they talk about their services.”

Taurus messaging session defines Ansarada

The TaurusBullseyeTM messaging and positioning session with the Ansarada team was a watershed for the company’s marketing. “Our whole business fell into the statements developed in that session. Speed, Security, Simplicity became our core values. From the first client phone call to the final invoice, those are the boxes we now tick in everything we do.”

“Before this, Ansarada’s values and messages were in my head but in a clouded way. With help from Taurus, now we know what we want to say and we’re consistent across our entire team and all our communication.”

Front page of The Australian within 48 hours

The fast-paced and sensitive business environment Ansarada operates in demands a highly strategic approach to PR. Of the steady stream of media coverage Taurus delivers, Sam highlights one, “We were facilitating a landmark merger and acquisition involving $5.5 billion recapitalisation of Publishing and Broadcast Limited’s (PBL) flagship mediamassets, the Nine Network and ACP Magazines.

“PBL is ASX-listed so we couldn’t talk to the press until it was officially announced, but by then we knew it would be lost among the general coverage. In confidence Taurus drafted the angle and strategically organised an interview with The Australian around the rumoured deal, divulging nothing. The morning of the official ASX announcement we hit the front page with ‘Online data keeps lid on secret’.”

Taurus develops collateral with clout

“We had no marketing collateral so Taurus moved quickly to get our house in order,” comments Sam. “Their interviews with clients were critical in getting key quotes and material to make our website effective and in developing fact sheets tailored to our specific market segments.”

“Case studies are turned around quickly and they get the client’s story without being pushy. The design is high quality, high impact.”

An ongoing strategy of PR and SEO

Sam summarises Ansarada’s future plans, “Our ongoing strategy focuses simultaneously on PR to keep our profile high, matched with SEO.”

“Taurus works with SEO experts to optimise our online ranking. We’re getting a lot of leads and managing them smartly using our CRM platform.”