Taurus represents Advance – largest global network of high achieving Australians

In 2015, Taurus CEO Sharon Williams was put forward by the NSW KPMG Chairman and business leaders such as Glen Boreham, Doug Elix and Mike Cannon Brookes Snr to develop and represent the brand of Advance in Australia.

Advance, Australia’s largest global community of high- achieving Australians, was founded by former Australian Consul General to New York, Ken Allen in the aftermath of 9/11. Witnessing firsthand how Australians bonded together in a time of crisis, Ken decided to bottle the goodwill and shared experience to create a network of those Australians that live abroad. The then Prime Minister, John Howard, agreed to be the inaugural Patron. With key business leaders based in New York, Advance was born with 100 members.

Shaping the future of Australians globally

Soon after, the Taurus team took on the role of PR and were commissioned to promote the International Global Australian of the Year Awards held at the Opera House each year. The Awards champion and recognise the extraordinary achievements of Australians across industry globally including science, business, the Arts, education and manufacturing.

Hothousing start-ups to the US and beyond

During this same year, KPMG Australia and Advance together developed a program to harness the start-up community and enable high performing tech enabled Australian start-ups to fast track their growth into the US and beyond. The program was named elevate 61 and the Taurus team were invited to promote the program working in sync with KPMG Communications department and Advance

The need for corporates to drive innovation

elevate61 was designed to enable high performing Australian businesses fast track their growth into the United States and beyond and provides participants with facilitated access to an established network of successful Australian and US-based entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and global corporations

KPMG designed elevate61 with Advance after appreciating that successful innovation lies not just in generating ideas but in understanding disruption. They felt that together, in a partnership, they could create an innovative accelerator program at a national level and take it global using the wide and deep network of Advance to help the Australian start up community abroad. Together, the aim was to provide a great link and connectivity between Australia and global businesses and initiatives.