Young Exec’s Blog: You may have stopped studying, but you never stop learning

It’s been near on nine months since entering the world of communications as a bright eyed intern and, just three months since assuming my first professional role in public relations as an ambitious Account Executive. It has been an incredible journey; every day has offered new challenges but not without its rewards. One being, the valuable lessons I learn from the experienced people I am surrounded with. In only my second week in a senior practitioner told me something off the cuff that stuck; she told me as a PR Practitioner, “You’re only as good as your database”.

Interns and new practitioners will do well to take note, you’ll be amazed at how many pearls of wisdom you will pick from the people around you. Some advice that you might not even understand until days, weeks or months later, when you’re opened to more of the communications world.

While a tough mistress to your time and stress levels, nothing compares to the pride you feel when you have achieved success in the field you love. Being relatively new to an office environment, (a drastic change from the hospitality world from which I originated), it was a surprise to see companies encompass community and participatory-based work place practices. I’m not certain if it is like this in every industry, but certainly within the PR community that I have worked in so far, they have succeeded in identifying and embracing the hegemony of the individual.

A healthy work environment is what motivates me. Future young PR’s; work hard, take notes, listen and above all, show respect. It will get you somewhere.

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