Workplace Mental Health Experts, 2OPHealth Occupational Psychiatry and Psychology will be joining our repertoire!

Taurus is proud to welcome new client, 2OP Health into the mix, bringing to light an issue close to our hearts and front of mind for many at this time.

2OPHealth provides tailored occupational psychiatry and psychology services to individuals, organisations and health professionals across Australia. With a strong foundation and focus on workplace-related mental health issues, advocating early intervention, education, and rehabilitation for all individuals so they can get back on track with improved clarity, motivation and fulfillment at work.

Director and Psychiatrist at 2OPHealth, Dr. Frank Chow hopes to create awareness and a greater understanding of these issues by offering psychiatric and psychological services that are more streamlined and holistic than traditional mental health clinics.

With years of expertise and a deep understanding of mental health disorders in the workplace, 2OP Health offer a personalised experience for all, focusing on empowering people and helping them achieve their potential.

For more information about 2OPHealth visit: https://2ophealth.com.au/

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