Why your digital content needs to be more than just #pictureperfect

Creating a brand isn’t as simple as designing a logo and posting a couple of photos on Instagram with a custom hashtag. The core of what makes a brand runs deep lies in the content it constantly (and strategically) develops to engage its (hopefully) growing audience.

To leave a lasting digital impression, you’ll need to be more than just picture-perfect. Great content is one that resonates with your audience, differentiates your brand from competitors, and most importantly emphasises your company message, informs, entertains and keeps your followers coming back for more.

To help you understand the fundamentals of generating eye-catching content, we’ve put together some industry tips and tricks:

  1. Understand why your followers want to see your content

Content creation starts with understanding your audience. By capturing the spirit, personality and persona of your followers, you can understand the why, what, what, when and how they interact with your content. That in turn, gives you the creative room to create content they want to see, boosting engagement and encouraging more like-minded people to find your brand.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

The digital space is very cluttered. Puppies and coffees are overdone. If you want your brand to resonate with consumers, your content should be unique, true to brand values and a visual representation of your brand.

From behind the scenes videos and images to taking your audience on the journey through product development or sustainability. Develop a content strategy for each chosen platform and better yet, make it sharable!

  1. Don’t just post – Promote, Collaborate and Partner!

While creating and posting abundant content is the first stage of building brand success, a little more work is needed to “get it out there”. The other half of getting your content out to your target audience is to promote it! The use of paid advertising on socials, search engine optimisation, keyword monitoring and social media lead management are all key promotional tools that you can use to help your content reach more market segments.

Short on a marketing budget? Collaborate and partner! Look for other like-minded brands you can collaborate with you share your spheres of influence and followers. A strategic collaboration or partnership will often help both parties promote increase their brand profile to a whole new audience!

  1. Don’t limit your content

Living in a digital society, everything is constantly changing. From the news cycle to the content on your feed, everything is constantly being updated and replaced by something new. It is important to refer to point 1 and understand how often your followers engage – what’s enough and what’s too much content?

Consistency and frequency are key to keep building and growing your brand. Customers love to be involved with your brand and get updates on what is happening with the business, what’s new and what they can look forward too. Evergreen brand content should be favoured as it will continue to keep your target audience informed.

Occasionally (and where relevant) jump on trends, share or mimic funny Tik Toks, stand up for a cause or movement the brand stands for. As long as it aligns with your brand messaging, positioning and digital strategy, share it!

Overall, creating great is often a ‘trial and error’ approach. Find out what works for your brand and connects with your target mark.

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