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Why SEO is a must have and why our CEO makes it a priority

Question: Where is the best place to hide in a game of hideandseek? 

AnswerAnywhere onwards of page 1, on any given search engine. 

When you hop on Google, Bing, or whatever your search engine of choice may be, do you find yourself scrolling to the end of the first page results and then either type something entirely different in the search bar or simply give up? For those of you nodding in agreeance – it is the same for 95% of internet users according to NetMarketShare. Only 5% of search traffic will soldier on to page 2, and while we salute those troopers and absolutely love their work – they just don’t quite bring home the bacon.  

Getting your business appear on the first page for specific key words require what you call SEO. Still unsure why you have to invest in SEO? Here are 3 reasons why search engine optimisation or SEO is so important for your business: 

1. Right people, right time, right place 

Having a good SEO strategy enables you to attract prospective and existing customers to your business in the fastest way possible.A study shows that 69.8% of searchers will use Google as their main search engine and only the top five results will get 67% of all clicks. Every business aims to improve the likelihood of appearing higher in the page ranks, this can be done by optimising your website by researching relevant keywords into your websites content. 

2. Improve visibility and credibility

When done correctly, SEO can be a direct driver or improved visibility, brand awareness, website traffic and overall user experience. This is what helps brands build trust and recognition between themselves and consumers, and ultimately achieve their business goals.Beyond that, SEO also improves credibility amongst new and existing customers to your website. By appearing on the first page of search results, this indicates that your website can be trusted. The study by NetMarketShare also found that  95% of users will stay on the first page of search results, because they trust their search engines to remove and filter away unnecessary websites that are irrelevant to their search. 

3. Achieve great return on investment

Where paid advertising will need to be constantly funded, the right SEO strategy complimented by strong quality content will accumulate positive impressions and have a material impact on your brand. 

Users usually trust their search engines algorithm, and 71.33% of those searches will choose to click on an organic result over a paid advertisement according to a study by CTR.

SEO is an invaluable tool that can increase the quantity and quality of web traffic by ranking you higher in search results than your competitors. A good SEO must align with your strategy and embrace the complex evolving nature of your business.  

If you’ve been thinking of utilising SEO and maximising your online potential, Taurus is here to help you navigate the jungle that is SEO. Contact us today.

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