‘’No sorry we can’t work with you, because your staff are a target for the agencies we represent’’.

Throughout the 26 years I have run Taurus Marketing, this is the message I constantly get from recruitment agencies.

I take this as the ultimate compliment.

It makes me so proud of my team. I am also proud they are approached (although it is somewhat unsettling) with offers. I tell them clearly, that this is good for their careers (and their ego) to be sought after.

I also could not be more proud of the culture that keeps them alongside me for in some cases 3, 4, 6, 15, 19 and 21 years.

Unheard of in Agency world.

If you have worked at Taurus, you have been nurtured, encouraged, inspired, motivated and enthused and pushed outside your comfort zone because excellence is our bottom line.

To work for the best, means for some, stepping out of your comfort zone and being pushed to do what you didn’t think you could – not always easy. You will have had to learn strategy, think like a CEO or business owner, learn real business outcomes, results and that the key to any client/agency relationship is about setting clear expectations and then exceeding them.

In the coming months, we will be profiling some of those Taurus team members who were selected for the TaurusFastTrack training straight from University or who joined us from other professions or States or countries and are now doing amazing things globally.

The Taurus Alumni spreads far and wide.

Last month, my very first team member 26 years ago, recently asked me for a reference on a new job heading up comms for a leading education institution. That makes me so proud.

My teams success – years after they have left Taurus – yet still in touch, is a warming experience and a great legacy.

What are you doing with your team to create a brand legacy?

And if you have friends or acquaintances who want to be the best, ask them to call us. We are always looking for the best.

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