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Why Personalisation is Key to Driving Success

If you want to differentiate your brand, stand out amongst the crowd and cut through, personalisation is key. In today’s highly competitive market, as a leader and marketer you need to do more than your due diligence to succeed. Personalisation is key to driving engagement, building relationships and when executed properly will lead to an increase in revenue.

According to Accenture, 91 per cent of customers are more likely to shop with brands or businesses who recognise and remember their behaviours and provide relevant recommendations.

Whether it is sending a personalised message to a client or sending flowers to congratulate them on their promotion, these personalised, small touches is what makes you different and is likely to be what people remember.

Here is how to incorporate personalisation into your marketing strategy:

  1. Understand your audience

Collecting information or data about your audience plays a vital role to personalisation. Once you have gathered these data and analyse the result, you are able to segment, target and position your consumers more accurately using personalised messaging.

Data collection can involve information in regards to your consumers:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Visitor frequency
  • Purchase history
  • Sessions behaviour

The more information the better!

Getting to know your consumer is vital to personalisation, it helps you to understand their pain points, the benefits they are seeking and how your products or services may be able to help.

There are several resources you can implement to effectively collect data on your consumers including social media analytics, purchasing data, digital campaign analysis, subscriptions and offline data from internal systems.

  1. Content Personalisation

A research conducted by Forbes in 2020 reveals that 80 per cent of consumers prefer content personalisation as it drives engagement and helps build customer relationships. It can be a powerful tool for marketers, when implemented appropriately. Now that you have captured the essential customer data, you are able to plan and send out personalised messages catered to them.

Here is where and how to incorporate simple content personalisation into your marketing channels:

Email Marketing

A research by Campaign Monitor shows that email marketing delivers the highest ROI amongst all other marketing channels. For every $1 spent, $44 is generated in return. Use personalised email marketing to immerse your consumer in personalised offers providing something of value to each individual consumer.

Social Media Marketing

66% of online users between the ages of 18-54 years old view brands more positively when they respond to social media comments and customer service queries.

It doesn’t take long to respond to social media comments or personal messages, like a post, share a post or mention other users in the comment section. Engaging with your audience on social media increases a sense of connection to your business or personal brand.

However, you don’t have to wait for someone to comment on your social media post to make the first move! Let’s say one of your clients post on Instagram a success they had. Sending a personalised message saying “Congratulations on the big win! You deserve it!” goes a long way. Not only does this keep your client happy but it also shows that you have gone out of your way to send an authentic message. It also shows your willingness to build a genuine relationship with them.

  1. Marketing Automation

Having the right technology in place is pivotal to be able to deliver personalised marketing. Instead of writing out each individual personalised message, marketing automation can help do some of the work for you! There are programs out there that can help your business gather critical data about your consumer so you can target your audience in a more succinct manner.

Whether you’re sending a welcome email, birthday message, re-engagement email, review of a product or an event reminder, having the right tools in place will help you keep your consumers happy.

Smart marketing strategy is integral to driving your business forward and protects business continuity in a changing landscape. But the best strategy won’t deliver results without a plan to bring the strategy to life. For over 25 years, we have helped over 1,000 brands achieve business success through our unique and trademarked TaurusBullseye© methodology. Talk to us at [email protected] to find out how we can help.

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