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This period of being in business as a leader in lockdown, will almost certainly be stressful, exhausting and challenging, particularly if you are home schooling as well.

Work is exhausting, teams are tired and the media coverage of the pandemic is suffocating.

There is no doubt this is a one in a hundred years event and we are being asked to accept radical changes to our behaviour, routines, emotional and physical wellbeing.

For many, life will never be the same.

Right now as we journey through this difficult period, is it time to check in where your voice is right now as a leader and who is hearing it?

I am amazed at the brands who are quiet out there. Whose leaders have their heads apparently buried in the sand.
And while noise isn’t good for noise sake, if you are bright, clever and with something relevant to say in your industry, isn’t it the right time to speak up?

Working with the Taurus network, I see teams need rallying, suppliers need encouraging and pretty much everyone out there needs assistance and encouragement in some form. Customers need all the help they can get and everyone inside and outside of your immediate four walls needs to know how you are positioned through this period and how your offering can support them.

Now is not the time to be silent.

Some of our CEO brands have, like us, increased the volume. Pushing out uplifting letters, initiatives and changing traditional ways of communicating, reaching out and being in touch. Working beyond normal work hours to make sure we are there, when you need us.

What are you doing right now to raise your voice? If you want some ideas, reach out. I would be happy to share our research and our learnings.

Alternatively, follow our advice on the TaurusCovid page on the Taurus and Sharon Williams website here.

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