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What’s next for Dicker Data investors? The Motley Fool chats with Vladimir Mitnovetski, Chief Operating Officer, Dicker Data on what investors have to look forward to

Listed as the top tech stock to watch in 2021, Taurus client Vladimir Mitnovetski, COO Dicker Data (ASX:DDR), value added distributor of hardware, software, cloud and emerging technologies had an exclusive interview with Tony Yoo, Senior Journalist, The Motley Fool

The article explored how Dicker Data is a strong investment opportunity, the strategy that’s fueling consistent growth, financial results from the HY21 Market Update, the acceleration of digital transformation, Dicker Data’s essential role enabling business continuity and how the Company is navigating the global chip shortage and maintaining its commitment to diversify their technology catalogue.

Further solidifying Dicker Data as a strong investment opportunity, Australian success story and fast growing, high returning stock, Tim Warner, Analyst, Totus Capital said, “Dicker Data is not the high-flying glamorous tech company that continuously burns cash with the future ‘promise’ of one day being profitable. It is quite the opposite… Since listing on the ASX in 2011, revenues have grown circa 7 times to $2 billion, and profits by circa 13 times.” .”

Read the full interview here: Dicker Data (ASX:DDR) exec: What COVID started, we’ll finish

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