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What to look for when engaging a PR Agency for business

Public Relations and Communications agencies are not a rare breed, there are plenty to go around. From international big wigs, boutique and specialist agencies to freelance consultants – when you are looking for a partner to help boost brand awareness, take on your thought leadership and make some (strategic) noise in the industry – how do you choose? What do you look for?

Having worked with over 1000 brands across various sectors over 25 years, we know exactly what you should look for to ensure a partnership with an agency is the right fit:

  1. Good old-fashioned chemistry

The importance of mutual understanding and chemistry is commonly overlooked when it comes to business partnerships. You need to be looking for an agency that understands your needs, has experience in the industry you are in and understands your business and the objectives you would like to meet.

It is also key that the chemistry is right, so you get along, communicate well and find the synergies for success. At Taurus, we ensure it’s best practice to meet with the full account team who will be serving your account, we ensure this occurs during the initial phase of our relationship.

  1. Big black book

Some might say it takes a village to build brand success – a good PR agency needs their village to come in a form of great connections – a big (and updated) black book of connections. Relationships and connections with journalists, partners, agencies in other specialty fields, design firms, industry leaders and figureheads are key in driving brand success.

  1. Performance & history

Do your research and ask the basic questions, where do they come from and what are their vision and growth plans? A good PR agency should eat their own cooking. How do they position their brand in the public eye? Do they have a presence? Who is the face of the company and what is their leadership style?

Choose an agency with a history of excellence not just in the work they deliver but in their internal culture and employee brand – so you understand how they work, think, collaborate and operate. Do they have a projected business growth plan? To grow, be amongst people who are driving towards growth as well.

  1. Digital knowledge

The ongoing pandemic has shown the significant reliance consumers and businesses have on technology and specifically the uprise of digital platforms.

It is more important now for any PR agency to be up to date with ongoing digital trends and what’s emerging in technology in order to maximise the impact of any media coverage for your business.

This knowledge goes beyond simply knowing how to like, upload and share content on social media, but how to effectively engage and generate consistent engagement with the audience on different digital media platforms that cut through.

Looking to test the waters with a well-experienced and trusted agency? Speak to us today and find out if we’re the right fit – 02 9415 4528 or [email protected].

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