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What Makes A Good Leader? 

For centuries, the subject of leadership has been studied down to an art. Armies, scholars, governments, and businesses alike have asked over and over: what makes a good leader? What qualities should an effective leader possess? Of course, leadership is hardly ever as clear cut as a set of characteristics or as simple as ticking all of the boxes. However, there are some attributes that set strong leaders apart from the rest.  

Good Communication 

Good communication is on the top of every list of what makes a leader for a reason. Communication is the foundation for a strong organisational structure and can often make or break a team. In a report by the Havard Business School Intelligence Unit, 44% of high-level managers reported that miscommunications delayed business or even caused a project to fail. Being clear with objectives and giving straightforward, easy to understand directions is essential for good leadership. Having an open dialogue with your team also means listening, taking onboard feedback, and understanding the needs of your people – a strength that is often overlooked. A good leader knows how to balance talking with listening.  

Committed to the development and growth of their team 

People tend to thrive in an environment where they feel valued. The best way to make someone feel valued is to encourage them to achieve and invest in their development. A good leader is also a teacher, committed to advocating for the upskilling and training of their team. Studies have shown that empowered teams are more productive, take more initiative, and have greater job satisfaction. Investing in your employees is investing in the longevity, reputation, and effectiveness of your organisation. A good General is only as strong as their army, so a strong leader is only as effective as their team.  

Create a safe space for innovation 

An effective leader has the flexibility and courage to not just celebrate the wins but also acknowledge the losses. Creating a safe space for innovation means providing a space where your team feels empowered enough to take risks. Being open to learning and fostering an environment where people are emboldened to take chances can lead to incredible results – don’t stifle this with the need to be perfect every time. If the journeys of companies like Apple and Uber are any indication, a good leader knows that small failures are just paving stones to big successes.  

Trust & Integrity 

A true leader is someone you can trust to take you in the right direction. A survey of leaders at over 30 international organisations conducted by the Harvard Business Review suggested that “high ethical and moral standards” was the number one trait they believe a leader should possess. Integrity inspired trust and commitment from employees who know they’re in safe hands.  

A good leader knows that trust is a two-way street. Micro-managing is a thing of the past. Trusting your team to do what they were hired to do not only builds confidence, but is key to efficiently achieving an organisation’s goals. Making the space for employees to self-organise frees time to focus on making critical strategy decisions and bringing your organisation’s vision to reality.  

Here at Taurus we are lucky to be supported by our CEO, Sharon Williams, who has decades of leadership experience. If you’re interested to become part of the Taurus leadership team, we are always on the lookout for a PR, Marketing or Social Media high performer! If you’re interested, email us your resume and CV at [email protected].  

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