What Do People Say About You When You Leave The Room?

Ask yourself a question, “What do you want others to say about you and your company when you’re not in the room?”

As a CEO and executive, it’s worth taking time to review and focus on your personal brand.

Why? Because you are a reflection of your company’s brand and your behaviour, actions, core values deeply impact how it is perceived.

To drive brand awareness and help differentiate from others you can shine a light on you and what you stand for by defining your beliefs and personality into a narrative or story that attracts like-minded tribes.

A well-defined personal brand reflects your core values and allows others to see clearly what you stand for. Why stay silent, when your views may lead to greater opportunities, potential partnerships and exposure to more customers.

The other reason is that a leader who has defined what they stand for has more chance of impacting, influencing and being understood faster. This clarity provides opportunities to build an extensive network because others quite simply ”get you”.

Your personal brand defined, and on strategy, is what makes you unforgettable. Extremes, are household names such as Elon Musk and Beyonce.

But you don’t have to be ”out there” to be understood. You just need to be clear on who you are. Be consistent and be yourself with purpose.

Below, are 4 reasons why every CEO, leader or Executive should invest in defining their personal brand with and on purpose:

Increased awareness for your company

By investing in your personal brand, you are also increasing brand awareness and enhancing the image of what your company stands for. When individuals have a positive perception of who you are, they are more likely to align with your company too.

Social media sites matter 

In the digital age, social media profiles are a direct mirror of you, whether you have a large following or not. It’s your online image conveyed to the world about yourself through images, words and engagement. LinkedIn is a great source of information for potential purchasers – it is worth spending time to get it right.

Opportunity to delineate your true self  

A well defined personal brand allows individuals to define the type of person they are and then be that person on purpose. By defining and then sharing your authentic self, you differentiate from other executives in similar industries – giving greater kudos and brand power to your organisation.

Enhanced trust  

By sharing a part of yourself and the areas and learnings that have impacted your life, it allows you to be more relatable and trustworthy in an ever changing work environment where empathy is the new brand currency.

Are you interested in defining and building your personal brand? Learn about our trademarked personal branding offering, here at TaurusProfile™  or reach out to us at [email protected].  

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