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Welcome to the ‘Digital Renaissance!’

Goodbye certainty and comfort, hello hyper-speed change, and continuous learning of new technology.

If you are a tech company working on holograms, “Will the real slim shady please stand up?” because now is your time to shine!

We are entering a new era coined the ‘digital renaissance’; we’ve had a circuit breaker with COVID-19 and now we’re coming out the other side. In this new era, especially in business, we’re going to have to continuously adopt new technology at a faster rate than ever before! Businesses can no longer afford to stay comfortable; they are going to have to frequently pause and upskill staff and deploy new tech to stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve almost said goodbye to printing and to cash with online payment systems coming into play, but they’re still in the development stages, things aren’t seamless yet. Chatbots have entered our world which sometimes doesn’t work and email personalisation is often wrong. When you think back to the Gregorys maps and the phone book you realise how NEW these ‘business’ tech stacks are.

We’ve gone from carrying posies to protect ourselves from the black plague to not being allowed entry into shops without being first checked by a temperature gun.

This will bring a second wave and a new era of accelerated digital innovation.

My first wish, especially for small businesses, is that business technology becomes as user friendly as consumer-driven technologies, that tech companies make it easier to see profitability and useability to enable a business owner to forecast what extra resources they need.

My second wish is that business owners and employees welcome and embrace new training. It’s now essential for business survival, it’s going to be an ‘adapt or perish’ world. The number one need of Marketing Executives according to The Economist is skills in ‘technical & digital engagement’.

This is your life alarm beeping, your wake-up call to say goodbye to the bricks and mortar, and hello to the new world of digital business. We are in for a long period of constantly upskilling and retraining.

I’m so excited but I’ve also booked in an eye test today – square eyes from screen time – I think it’s a real thing.

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