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Upskilling for the digital age: why it’s important & how to start

As the world shifts into a new digital age, reskilling and upskilling may be the only way we can continue to keep up. The use of technology in our personal and professional lives has never been more prevalent or more critical. With COVID-19 pushing the digital age into the forefront, now is the perfect time to learn the skills necessary for adapting to this transformation. While most of us are navigating a remote working environment, the need to upskill and increase our digital expertise continue to grow.

Increase your job security

Whether you’re a tech-savvy or a digital native, utilising newfound technological tools and applications is key. Becoming skilled in the use of technological tools and applications during time of isolation will greatly benefit us as we return to the #newnormal. These new skills will mean you can better adapt to digital changes within the business and the digital requirements of your clients. This will maintain your job security, even if restructuring becomes a necessity for your business.

Boost your qualifications

How can you come out of this isolation on top? With necessary reorganisation occurring in almost every business, boosting your qualifications and adjusting your skillset is key to succeeding in your professional life post-COVID-19. In this ever-changing world, comes evolving job roles and continuously evolving businesses, by keeping your skills up to date, you will be able to pivot with these new roles and stay ahead of the game.

Maintain your productivity

With more free time opened up, now is the time to leverage your time wisely. As we continue working remotely and seeing very little of our colleagues, communication and productivity will both take a dive. Procrastination becomes a serious issue when the distractions from home have entered our work life. We need to ensure that we try to make remote working work for us by staying productive in our work life.

Set up a suitable home office, get out of your pyjamas, and stay connected. Not only is this beneficial for work life, but also as you begin to reskill or upskill – get working!

Future proof your career

If you decide to use your time in isolation wisely and take the necessary steps to upskill, make sure you know it’s not just a one-off thing. Learning should always be continuous. As you look into how to strengthen your skills in your career, consider these steps to help benefit your changes:

  1. Adjust your mindset

Don’t panic! Even if your job security is being questioned or your company is shifting your roles, there are steps you can take to keep up.

  1. Prioritise

Make sure you understand the urgency of upskilling. Even if you have been meaning to work on your skills for some time, it’s now or never. As businesses shift and change, upskilling needs to be done now to ensure we can deal with any issues the world may throw at us over the coming months.

  1. Ask for support & find the right tools

If you are ready to upskill but don’t know where to begin, ask for help. There are so many online resources that can help you in this process and that can work to steer you in the right direction. With online and virtual training, TAFE courses and various online classes, there are plenty of tools available that can help you through this transition.

We can help smooth your way into the new normal. Ask us about our Taurus Bullseye©️ strategy and crisis communications offerings at [email protected].

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