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The next frontier of content marketing

The phrase ‘content is king’ is an infamous saying used millions of times in the marketing world. However, the novelty of the phrase surely will not wear off anytime soon as content marketing is proven to be the heart of the most successful marketing campaigns there are.

So why should we implement visual to audio creative content in our marketing strategies? It is known that 47% of buyers will often view at least 3 pieces of content before they decide to engage and gauge their interest with a brand.

Here are our top 4 content marketing trends that we think are the most valuable and relevant:

1. Live Streams

Live streaming videos are a powerful content tool used to create brand personas. While pre-recorded videos or written content may still be considered as an effective marketing tool, live videos allow users to connect in real time, turns a broadcast into a conversation, and creates active engagement, thus making users feel like they are being heard.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that are accessible via your phone, computer or tablet. With consistency, brands can create relevant, valuable and informative content to stand out amongst their competitors . It helps brands to connect more deeply with their audiences and provide an intimate approach to staying in touch. Keep in mind, audio content is very personal, it showcases a brand’s personality and authenticity. With this saying, be careful with the words and intonations you choose to use  – it will convey the excitement and the passion you have.

3. Webinar

Webinars are live events or workshops hosted and delivered through an online webinar platform. This is a great chance for brands to add valuable content to educate and engage an audience. From interview webinars where influential guests are invited to, to Q&A webinars which involves and encourages the audience to ask questions. Webinars can be utilised in a way to effectively build authority in your industry, demonstrate your product, and generate lead.

4. Blogging

Blogging is about writing topics that may be relevant to your audience. Similar to a single episode of a podcast, one topic is often explored throughout the length of the blogpost. It will ensure that you draw in like-minded individuals to building the right audience for your brand. It is a great opportunity to earn and engage audience, build relationships with your readers and grow your content.

Without a clear strategic direction, even the best-made content will come unstuck. TaurusContent© is your one-stop shop for industry-leading content and thought leadership curated for your brand. To find out how we can assist, reach out [email protected].

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