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The importance of developing and defining your organisations core values

Your organisations values reflect your company’s vision and shape your overall culture. Having clearly defined company values ensures everyone within the business is working together towards the same goal. Every movement and action within the business should be aligned to these values.

Core values can help your organisation create purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace. This poses the question; does your organisation have clearly defined core values?

Here are some key tips to help establish your company’s core values:

Look at key traits that represent your culture

You can’t build a house without a strong foundation and the same applies in business. Core values should be identified based on the values you want your business culture to reflect. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask yourself; “If my company’s culture was a celebrity, who would I want it to be?”

Narrow down your core values

Now that you’ve put together a list of company traits, it’s important to cut down and gauge your company’s true core values. Feedback from employees is key at this stage. Start an open interactive discussion and get a sense of what your employees feel about your list and culture entirely. Get a consensus of the values your employees identify with the most.

Make your values known

Values don’t mean a thing when no one is aware of them. After you have established your company’s core values, they should be shared across both the organisation and publicly. Put a plan in place for an internal rollout campaign that will inform your employees of company values. One highly effective way to do this is to create a mnemonic device such as S.T.R.O.N.G (Selfless, Thinkers, Relentless, One, Nimble, and Genuine). Showcase your values on all social platforms and start building a reputation around this.

Knowing what your company values are is just the start to setting your company up for success. Weave your core values into your company’s day to day operations and hire your staff according to these values. But make no mistake, promoting company values goes further than splashing them across your socials and website, values should be embodied by your company and employees every day.

We warmly welcome you to take the Taurus approach and establish your businesses core aligning values – reach out to the Taurus Team for more info at [email protected]

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