The buyer’s journey and the types of content to produce

The buyer’s journey is often defined as the path each persona takes to become a customer. There is no one-size-fits-all model and every arc of your buyer’s journey is unique to the persona. Today, buyers hold all the power over their purchasing decision – thanks to resources like the internet, product research can be done with little to no help from salespeople.

Acknowledging that buyers today are more informed than ever, it is important to truly understand your buyer persona and their purchasing journey to create the right content and help move them along the purchasing funnel.

Determining the type of content offered throughout a buyer’s journey is something that marketers often neglect. Today, we’re going to show you how you can create the right content for each of those stages.

  1. The Awareness Stage

As the name suggests, the end goal of creating content for a customer in this stage is to generate awareness about your brand by providing a solution that answers to their pain points. Therefore, the content must offer sufficient information about the product for a customer to consider it, yet not putting too much emphasis on sales or sales pressure.


An effective blog post is one that provides thorough and valuable information that answers specific questions a potential buyer might have regarding their pain points. Blogging is also a way to reflect brand value, purpose and language. These types of content are good for S.E.O and can help climb up the Google search ranking.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content such as e-books, infographics or checklists often place brands in front of a new audience with the help of social media. Always remember that this type of content has to be as valuable and relevant as possible to the customer. We encourage linking these resources to your website so you’re able to capture their data.

  1. Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is made of a specific audience already familiar with your brand yet wanting to learn more before making their final purchasing decision. Chances are your consumers may have researched multiple brands. Therefore, it is most crucial that you differentiate yourself and build relationships with them.

Case Studies, Whitepapers, E-books

At this stage, leads are now far more interested to see past results and performance. A relevant whitepaper or case study can accentuate positive results and shows in-depth solution on how you tackle previous problems. Acquiring the content you produced should require more commitment from leads. For example, they are required to give you their e-mail or phone number to be able to access the content.

Customer Testimonials

According to a survey by eConsultancy, 61% of consumers are influenced by peer reviews. Past customer testimonials provide a tangible reassurance to leads which boosts their confidence in purchasing decisions, especially for B2B services.

  1. Decision Stage

This phase of the buyer’s journey typically targets leads who have converted into prospects (e.g they are in your subscriber or mailing list). Often, , these prospects are set on your product or service but want to be reassured.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic and keep current leads interested. Known in the industry as the ROI king, studies have shown that it delivers a high return on investment. Email marketing retains leads by customising automated messages tailored for different goals. To be effective, you must deliver helpful content to the right inbox suited to their specific pain points. These contents may consist of special offers, such as helpful live demos, testimonial videos or promotions.

Free Trial or Consultations

Now that your prospects are well-informed about your products or services, it is time for them to see your offerings in action. Much like a test drive in car dealerships, giving prospects free trials or a free consultation call might help you to close the sale.

Coupon Codes or Discounts

Promo codes and discounts give a sense of fear of missing out (FOMO) to prospects and helps increase the conversion rate. With coupon codes or discounts lasting for a certain amount of time, it can encourage prospects to make a purchasing decision as soon as possible before they miss out on a good price promotion.

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