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Gratitude and Acts of Kindness In These Times

A simple act of kindness can make an immense difference to the wellbeing, spirit and productivity of your employees, colleagues and loved ones, especially during these challenging times. We’d like to highlight some of the beautiful things that have come our way this last 4 months.

Perhaps one good thing that’s come out of this hard 18 months is that more and more businesses and communities are demonstrating gratitude and reaping the benefits to be thankful and grateful.

From the random gifting of flowers on the side of the road, last week on a weekend stroll, to a small takeaway restaurant supplying free food to the community, it’s worth checking in on how you and your brand show gratitude or brighten a moment for someone else.

When we think of the expression of gratitude, it’s often rarely a practice associated or acknowledged in the workplace. With the realms of hierarchies and sometimes even competition between management, employees and teams, people tend to see gratitude as almost unnecessary.

However, gratitude can play an integral role in creating a much healthier work culture and environment. In a survey conducted by Forbes, 81% of employees reported that they felt more motivated to do better in their job when their employers demonstrate appreciation for their work. They felt valued as well as a sense of belonging, which they found crucial in ensuring that businesses are consistently fulfilling the career aspirations of their people. In turn, this has a direct impact their productivity.

The more practices of gratitude, the more engagement and innovation that can take place across an organisation, and the more likely it will lead a business to success.

Recently, a heart-warming YouTube video released by Courtney Wong showcased a small Thai takeaway restaurant, Yummy Thai, in Sydney’s Sussex Street, supplying free meals to the public. In chatting to the store owner, the restaurant had hoped to support the public, especially students, who are struggling financially, whilst ensuring that their stomachs were kept full.

The lockdown period has taken the toll on many businesses, but Yummy Thai’s resilience and commitment in supporting the community in times of adversity, has been ever more inspiring.

It’s never a better time to shine a light on what some are doing. Courtney’s wonderful initiative has demonstrated that a simple act of kindness can brighten up the day of both the store owner and the recipient and ultimately bringing together a more united community.

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