Terms and Conditions

By placing a Client Order with Taurus Marketing you agree to the following terms and conditions that will govern our relationship.

The Services to be provided are as described in the Client Order and as fully outlined in the Taurus Digital Products Description of the Taurus Website.

Where the Client Order is for a one-off product Taurus will generate a tax invoice upon receipt of that Client Order. Client agrees to provide credit card details whereby Taurus will debit the credit card for the invoice amount. Upon receipt of payment of the invoice Taurus will commence to provide the ordered product.

Where the Client Order is for a subscription based service, Client agrees to provide credit card details whereby Taurus will debit the credit card on the first day of each month over the subscription period for the amount contained in the Client Order. Upon charging the Client credit card Taurus will provide a tax invoice to Client and commence to provide the subscription based service. Client may cancel the subscription at any time. Where the cancellation is during a month Taurus will continue to provide the services for the remainder of the month.

All product and service prices quoted on the Taurus website are exclusive of GST.

Where the Client requires services in addition to the services detailed in the Client Order (either in nature or in volume), Client will request an additional quotation from Taurus. Where this is accepted by Client Taurus will issue an amended Client Order.

All changes deemed by Taurus to be ‘out of scope’ of the quoted deliverables, services or time will be billed at an hourly rate. ‘Out of scope’ changes refer to rounds of revisions outside and beyond the specific number quoted; changes or extensions to any part of the project once it has been accepted as complete; or additional services requested outside of the initial agreed deliverables or scope of works.

Where third party costs (such as stock photography, printing, couriers) are to be incurred Taurus will request approval in advance from Client who will either reimburse Taurus or pay the third party costs directly.

The relationship of Client and Taurus under this Agreement is one of independent contractor. Taurus does not have the authority to act on behalf of Client.
Taurus shall at all times be responsible for the payment of all salaries or fees due to the Taurus Consultant(s) including any employment related taxes, insurances, superannuation or expenses.

Client (or any of its related bodies) agrees not to solicit Taurus Consultant(s) or in any way employ or engage Taurus Consultant(s) during the period over which services are provided and for a further period of twelve (12) months.

Taurus warrants that the services will be provided to a professional standard and with due care and skill.

The maximum total liability of Taurus to Client for any breach of the terms of the Client Order shall be limited to the amount recovered under an insurance policy or in the event that no amount is so recovered, liability shall be limited to the equivalent of service fees paid by the Client in the three-month period immediately preceding the breach.

Taurus will be liable only for direct damages caused by a breach of the terms of this Client Order and in no event will Taurus be liable for indirect or consequential loss including but not limited to the loss of profits.

Either party may terminate this Client Order immediately by written notice to the other party if:

  1. The other party becomes, or threatens to become, subject to any form of insolvency administration
  2. In the event that one party is in breach of a term contained in this Client Order the party not in breach must serve on the breaching party a notice requiring the breaching party to rectify the breach (which must be specified) within fourteen (14) business days. In the event that the breaching party rectifies the breach within fourteen (14) business days, such breach shall not be grounds for termination.

Where, as a result of performing the Services, intellectual property rights (including copyright in any works) are created, it is agreed that all such rights vest in Client upon payment for the relevant services.

Either Party will not during the operation of this Client Order or thereafter reveal to any person or company or third party:

  1. The terms of this Client Order or the services performed;
  2. Any trade secrets, systems, operations, processes, intellectual property rights or information belonging to the other Party;
  3. Any information or material relating to or connected with Clients of either Party, which is contained in or furnished by any medium including, but not limited to, originals and copies of paper records, tapes, slides, folios, statistics, policies, and computer programs;
  4. Information concerning the organisation, business, finances, transactions or affairs of either Party, and
  5. Information which was generated or which came about as a consequence and pursuant to the provision of the Services which may come or has come to a Party’s knowledge during the course of the provision of the services and which could reasonably be understood to be Confidential Information.

Taurus may use the Confidential Information solely for the purpose of providing the services and may disclose the Confidential Information only to:

  1. Its personnel on a need to know basis, after those personnel have been directed to keep the Confidential Information confidential;
  2. Any other persons approved in writing by Client who:
    (i) Have a need to know (and only to the extent that each have a need to know); and
    (ii) Have been directed to keep the Confidential Information confidential.

The terms of this Client Order contain the entire understanding between Taurus and Client concerning its subject matter. These terms supersede all previous agreements, proposals and understandings (written or oral) between Taurus and Client.

Where the parties agree to a variation to this Client Order, the variation shall be in writing and shall not take effect until executed by authorised representatives of each party.

This Client Order will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales.

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