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TaurusProfile™: Keeping your Personal Brand in check!

In today’s new normal and with the unprecedented changes requiring us to adapt almost by the hour, it’s never been more important to define, protect, evolve and differentiate your personal brand, image and expertise no matter what industry you’re in.
Your personal brand is constantly being shaped and influenced by online mediums and by your industry peers. It’s increasingly crucial now, more than ever to cut through the noise!

Here are our top tips to keep your personal brand up to scratch, even in isolation:

1. Keep it relevant

Building your personal and corporate brand to stand out will leave you a step ahead of your competition.

Now more than ever, clients and endorsers will be turning to you for expert advice, so it’s vital you are at the forefront of breaking news, leading the conversation and driving initiatives to keep your stakeholders informed and confident. As a leader you can do this by:

  • Sending out a letter to your internal and external stakeholders on your response as an individual and business.
  • A fact sheet on what your employees/shareholders/customers and prospects need to know about you, your business and your initiatives moving forward.
  • Value-adding tips, advise and counsel – remember empathy is the new brand currency of today – what are you doing to help?
    Get these key comms out to your network via social media, your website and direct email marketing campaigns.

2. Networking in today’s new normal

The #newnormal as it is being described, is moving the world into an increasing virtual world. If you thought you’ve had too much screen time before, you will have to get used to that now.

With social isolation and physical distancing, we went from after-work drinks to Zoom dinner parties! Don’t be afraid to join in the fun and jump on the video conferencing wagon. Brands and influencers in various industries are now hosting webinars, virtual meetups and conferences. Put yourself out there as a guest speaker, make online connections and build your personal brand in today’s new normal.

Taurus has even jumped on the wagon with our Founder and CEO Sharon Williams hosting weekly 1 O’clock meetups with exclusively for Taurus clients and 5 O’clock meetups with the wider Taurus network.

3. Your virtual profile – Sweatpants are not work attire

As tempting and comfortable as it is, don’t do it! Virtual first impressions still matter. The rule of thumb of dressing for purpose should still apply even when working from home.

Your morning office routine should still apply. If you have client meetings, dress as you would if your business was still operating out of the office. Interestingly, it’s been suggested, getting dressed up for work play a significant role in helping you get through the motions and mentally prepare you for the day, allowing you to stay motivated, focused and increase productivity.

4. Remember to stop, take time and priorities #selfcare

If you feel stressed or anxious, remember to stop, take a break, walk away from your screen and look after yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Click here for some Taurus tips to keep you sane and help you remember the importance of self-care.

If you are a leader or an expert in your field, whether you like it or not, you are the captain of your personal brand. TaurusProfile™ is an innovative service offered by Taurus, aimed at defining, developing, promoting and protecting your profile. Learn more about our offering and how we can help you here.

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