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Taurus welcomes Solo & Smart

Taurus is delighted to be working alongside Patrick Harrison and his unique and automated money management App, Solo & Smart. With a passion for self-employment, Patrick works with individuals and businesses to empower success and simplify the process of working with subcontractors.

The App is designed specifically to help self-employed and sole entrepreneurs to organise, manage and grow a successful business. The App allows subscribers to streamline invoices, quotes and receipts in seconds whilst managing cash flow, tax allocations and insurance automatically. The App is providing professionals with the tools, resources and extra support to essentially grow their business and streamline business admin and accounting functions.

Solo & Smart is available with an initial “Starter” package giving users free access to create invoices, quotes and collect receipts. The “Thrive” package contains an additional factor with money management features, providing full access to the system including automatic savings, tax management, cash flow automation, payment tracking and pay-as-you-go insurance for 2.2% of income processed through the system all capped at $110/month.

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