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Taurus Welcomes BéZIER!  

We are proud to introduce a partnership with talented new Sydney videographers and co-founders of BéZIER, Sebastien Phillips and Juris Malasenoks.

Sebastien and Juris kickstarted the year with the launch of their company BéZIER. Having the ability to learn and implement quality industry standards paired with their passion for filming, animating, editing and creating. They have validated the success of their unique ability to combine their areas of expertise in Film, 2D & 3D animation on numerous occasions with several design unique productions for creating engaging content.

“We started our company in pursuit of our happiness, we love filming, animating, editing and creating. Our vision is strong and we want others to join in pioneering our film and animation company.”

Sebastien is a videographer and 3D animation specialist with a Bachelor degree in Film & 3D Animation Design at Billy Blue College. He debuted his professional career in a full-service advertising agency delivering high quality projects in all forms of digital media. Working on projects from big brands in diverse industries like creative TVCs for festival celebrations to producing 3D content on children’s medical research for cancer, his experiences strengthened his skillsets for his next journey.

“The Taurus approach brings such clarity to a company’s identity that we are able to create digital content that is so catered, it enhances a company reputation dramatically”

Juris is a Cinematographer, Motion Designer and 3D Animator. With a streamline of experience in various creative and diverse projects, Juris thrives on creativity. His aptitude is developing ideas and working with various creative tools to bring crafted projects to life and making them purposeful. He strives to continuously learn and expand his skillset through daily experiences and continuous inspirations to motivate his creative flow.

“Taurus understands not only what a client wants but what they need to get there, identifying to us the best form of digital media to create. This attention to business objectives provides the wand in our creative magic”

We’ve partnered with BéZIER to offer current and future clients services in all things video, 2D Animation, 3D Animation and photography!

As an integrated agency, we provide multi-services all under one roof. Bringing in new creative talent and partnering with BéZIER, we’re expanding our suite of creative services to assist and meet client needs by providing a creative voice and communication strategy for each brand.

CEO and Founder Sharon Williams, says “The Taurus Group is expanding our service offerings through our partnership with as part of this process.”

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