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Taurus supplier of the month, BéZIER!   

Taurus is proud to introduce talented new Sydney videographers and co-founders of BéZIER, Sebastien Phillips and Juris Malasenoks.  Sebastien and Juris kickstarted the year and their passion for filming, animating, editing and creating with the launch of their company BéZIER. Operating to quality industry standards they have expertise in Film, 2D & 3D animation to create engaging content.

“We started our company in pursuit of happiness! We love filming, animating, editing and creating. Our vision is strong and we want others to join in pioneering our film and animation company.”

Taurus has partnered with BéZIER to offer current and future clients services in all things video, 2D Animation, 3D Animation and photography!

As an integrated agency, Taurus provides multi-marketing services all under one roof. Bringing creative talent and partnering with BéZIER, Taurus offers a suite of creative services to assist and meet client needs.

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