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Taurus Mum Stacey Toskas

At Taurus, we pioneered flexibility for working mothers 27 years ago and we have been supporting them since our CEO Sharon founded Taurus as a Mother herself.


Behind the scenes, our senior consultants, such as Stacey Toskas, a senior team member of 20 years, work with our delivery team supporting our largest clients.  Stacey joined us for a Q&A about life as a working mum and how Taurus has supported her over the years and why she loves working at the office.


Stacey when and how did you find Taurus? ​I found Taurus via a job ad for an Account Executive when I was working in house for a security company.


What do you do? ​I set strategy and ensure we deliver on our client’s objectives. I also work with an amazing team who I enjoy mentoring and am always learning from.


How has that journey been for you? ​The journey has been so good, I’m still here after 20 years!


How has Taurus supported you as a working mum? ​Taurus has always been a champion of flexible working conditions. Being a working mum was no big deal because our wonderful leader, Sharon Williams is also a working mum. Sharon has demonstrated to me that you can have a family life and a successful career.


What are the day-to-day aspects of being a working mum that challenge you the most? ​Mostly that being a mum is hard work and working is fun.


Is there anything you would change in your balancing work/ home life post Covid? ​Not really, except that I feel working from home is a little overrated. I love being able to come to the office and to collaborate with the team.


Tell us about how you came about to be involved in Nicco and a business owner? NICCO Timber Windows & Doors is a family business that was founded by my father-in-law. A few years ago, my husband and I purchased the company.


What do you do in your role? ​My main focus is sales and marketing, but as a business owner I wear many hats.


What do you celebrate the most about being a working mum and your achievements? ​That my career has not stalled and I’ve been able to stay relevant while raising my family.


If there was one tip you would give other business mums out there, what would it be? ​You are a role model to your children – ask yourself what kind of adult you want to raise and be that adult.


Thanks Stacey and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums!

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