Taurus intern alumni and Co-Founder Of Nexba, Troy Douglas salutes Taurus and Sharon’s mentorship

Taurus CEO/Founder Sharon Williams is passionate about mentoring individuals to reach new heights and maximise their potential. Since founding Taurus and the TaurusAcademy program 25 years ago she has helped over 500 individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Her strength lies in providing strategic, practical no-bull advice.

Troy Douglas, current Co-Founder Of Nexba and Taurus intern and TaurusFastTrack© alumni spoke about his experience during a recent interview with OnyaMagazine:

“After high school, I went on to study my Bachelor of Communications & Bachelor of Law. During a tutorial a guest lecturer, Sharon Williams CEO of Taurus Marketing, really opened my mind to the world of business. I went up to her after the lecture and asked if she’d consider me as an intern. I offered to be an intern for a week – I had a mortgage at 19 so wasn’t in a position to work for free!

I went on to work with Sharon for nearly 3 years before I thought I should use my degree and give the law a crack, so I got a job as a paralegal with Allen & Overy for a short while. After 4 years of University and being inspired by incredible mentors at such a young age, turning 21 I felt confident enough to jump into business with Drew and we kicked off Nexba! I truly believe there’s never a ‘right age’ to become a founder. When the idea is there, you make the rest work.” – Troy Douglas, Co-Founder, Nexba

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