Taurus hosts a successful event launching the LASHD App

On Wednesday 20th June, Taurus together with the Lashd team launched Australia’s latest on-demand beauty service App, Lashd. The Taurus team planned and managed the event which took place at The Dockside Group’s L’Aqua venue and was hosted by Australian entrepreneur, author and The Collective Hub’s very own Lisa Messenger.

We had a total of 38 guests at the launch event including media, business partners and influencers such as:
Lauren Hannaford – Founder of FHIT by Lauren Hannaford, Taryn Williams – Founder & CEO of WINK models and and Joanne Pellew – Founder and CEO of Lashd App.

Unparalleled in service, imagery, and customer experience Lashd also offers a community for creatives to boost their business. Unlike other mobile beauty apps, Lashd pushes the boundary of your usual hair, face and nails and includes a range of health and wellness services like massages, life coaching and even hypnotherapy. Lashd is also an excellent support to salons too. Joanne and Lashd aim to influence salons to create their own mobile service teams to accommodate those clients that can’t get into their salons -and register their salons on Lashd as well. It’s a growing market and they need to diversify to the needs of the market and not just rely on the traditional bricks and mortar model, particularly as times are changing. Joanne is not only empowering women, but she’s also providing job opportunities to many.

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