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Taurus Founding Client Returns With New Crypto Project

It’s always exciting when a client returns to Taurus and even more exciting to share that Tech entrepreneur Peter Kazacos OAM and our founding client returns with his son Constantine for his new project in Crypto. Peter’s company KAZ, which evolved from IT outsourcer KAZ Group is now a collection of different entities and more recently is pioneering the Crypto sector by using quantum security technology to upgrade the cryptography used by Crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

Peter and Constatine have teamed up with Quantum Digital Assets Limited in an initiative that’s set to revolutionise the Crypto space forever.

According to Peter Kazacos OAM, “Advances in technology are the biggest risk for Bitcoin, particularly with the advent of quantum computing, which could break current implementations of Cryptography. The KAZ solution we’re bringing to Quantum Digital Assets is an industry-first, it uses quantum technology to upgrade the cryptography of existing protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Fighting fire with fire. Using quantum technology to protect against quantum computers. Peter explained “Technology is powerful and ever evolving. At KAZ we know how to solve problems with technology. We identified a major problem with the cryptography of Bitcoin and a security threat for current investors. We are solving this by using real quantum phenomena, quantum tunneling of electrons which are totally unpredictable and entirely random to produce quantum cryptographic keys. If something is truly random it follows that it cannot be reverse engineered and is theoretically impossible to breach.”

From Quantum Digital Assets Limited, Quantum Assets on the Binance Smart Chain are the first Crypto to adopt KAZ’s quantum technology and are using it to launch Quantum Bitcoin in a bid to ensure the Cryptography of Bitcoin remains safe and secure.

We are proud to be working with Peter and Con on this project with Quantum Assets group, servicing them under TaurusPR©. The last 8 weeks seen media coverage in Motley Fool, ausbiz TV, Kalkine Media, Information Age amongst others. To learn more visit here.

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