#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Tony Kallegeros

Interning with Taurus Marketing was one of the best experiences of my life. From the team to the clients, everything was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. 

The thing I found most valuable about my internship was having an insight into the real world of PR and interning alongside a supportive team who encouraged me to do my best at all times 

The ability to chat to a team member when working on tasks without feeling nervous really helped me adjust to my first agency experience. The open communication between the team and myself provided clarity for tasks that needed to be completed and directions in general. Being able to work on proposals and social media tasks enabled me to express my creativity. I have developed new skills throughout my time at Taurus including, time management, prioritisation and a better understanding of branding. The top 3 skills that I have developed over the period of my internship include, Media Clipping, Proposal composing and Media tracking.  

Being mentored by Sharon, I got to learn about personal branding, sales and crisis management. I feel what I learnt has provided me with a foundation that I am able to take to my next workplace.  

What I experienced surpassed what I expected. When someone uses the term ‘intern’ a student conjures up thoughts of doing jobs that are menial and administrative. At Taurus it is the complete opposite, interns are taught valuable, professional life skills and are included in morning meetings and fun out of office activities. Everyday working with the Taurus team contained something different and new and thus every experience was just as positive as each other in their own unique way. My least favourite experience about Taurus Marketing is leaving. This internship has enabled me to see my strengths and inspired me to decide on my future career path.  

I would advise other individuals that are considering interning at Taurus to make the most out of this internship – it is an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity.  

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