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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Nidhi Daithankar

2020 has surely been a challenge and a major learning experience for us all. But as a final year university student soon to graduate, I (with the rest of my cohort) had other worries and reservations about this year. What do I want to achieve at the end of 2020? What industry do I want to specialise in? But most importantly, how will I prepare myself for the new world out there?

Taking a leap of faith on the advice of my friends who recommended the Taurus intern program to me from their experience, I applied to the TaurusAcademy© Intern program. The best part of this experience has definitely been the opportunity to get an insight into how all the arms of an integrated PR/Marketing firm work – from brand management to business development and client support.

The most unique part of my experience, however, was the chance to work with Taurus during the highly stressful pandemic that none of us could have predicted. The Taurus team was extremely resilient in pivoting their approach and strategies to better serve their clients, offering extra support to each other and working cohesively to keep the ball rolling in the last 8 weeks. This was a part of the internship that I could not have witnessed in any Crisis Management textbook!

At Taurus, I’ve had the opportunity to express my creative contributions to a team that encourage openness and collaboration. I have gained immense confidence and pride in my work for the future. Their focus on providing interns with the opportunity to create their own unique mark, whilst giving personal feedback motivated me to continue striving, whether I was creating media lists for a project, researching industry trends or helping with social media analytic reports.

Observing Sharon’s strong leadership of Taurus Marketing has given me a valuable insight into what it takes to maintain a steady brand in this competitive climate, which I will take with me going forward into the future.

Learn more about the TaurusAcademy© program here. 

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