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Westbourne and Sydney Times

Taurus Client weighs in on the Federal Budget and Australia’s Skill Shortages  

The skills shortage in Australia is an issue that shows no signs of self-correction.  In order to address this issue, we need to invest in our future generations specifically in the sectors that are facing these issues the most, such as STEM.  

Patrick McGing, Principal of Westbourne College Sydney takes a look at the broader picture and comments on the 2025 Federal Budget’s allocation of funds, delving into the critical gaps in Education – the prioritisation of tertiary over secondary education. Westbourne College takes a proactive approach to address these issues, he states “We have seen extensive injections into TAFE and VET pathways to skill our labour force, however, there is no apparent funding allocated to STEM training to upskill our workforce, present or future… [We need] more free or low-cost training options of STEM-based courses to allow greater participation amongst our younger population” – a primary focus of the STEM-centric Westbourne College.   

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