Taurus Client, Noggin Featured in Daily Telegraph

How COVID-19 will change Australian workplaces forever

There’s about to be a lot of changes to your workplace. Crisis management technology company Noggin has the low-down on what you need to succeed in a post-pandemic era.

Noggin’s next-generation technology offers both mobile and desktop software package comprising practical solutions and dashboards. It is designed to help organisations return to work, encompassing solutions for business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management, and worker safety interventions.

In the new world of work, hotdesking, shared food jars and crowded desk pods are no more. Virtual meetings, work from home days and staggered start times are now the norm, along with continued social distancing measures. Is this the new normal?

Chief Executive of Noggin James Boddam-Whetham spoke on the increase in health initiatives, saying installing Perspex shields to aid with social distancing had become a new measure, despite it creating an almost unpleasant work environment.

But precautions now have to be taken. In a post-COVID-19 workplace,  health and safety practices are of upmost priority and the increasing measures taken by corporations to ensure community safety is a necessary practice of post-COVID-19 life.

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