Taurus client, Noggin developed their free Epidemic Response Module in response to COVID-19 in 3 days!

Taurus friend and client, James Boddam-Whetham and Noggin spoke to The Daily Telegraph on their initiative to help organisations and healthcare agencies combat COVID-19 with their Epidemic Response Module.

“An Australian software firm Noggin is at the forefront of the crisis management of COVID-19 worldwide providing technical support for the national COVID-19 incident room centre in Canberra, the Department of Home Affairs, and Health departments in most states.

Within three days it had developed special COVID-19 software it is providing for free to businesses and institutions that need help setting up makeshift hospitals in hotels or deploying resources to cope with COVID-19.” (The Daily Telegraph, 2020)

As we adapt to the #newnormal in these uncertain times, Noggin developed two free Epidemic Response Modules – one for business managing their corporate response to COVID-19 and one for public health authorities and healthcare agencies. These modules are aimed to help healthcare operators and businesses protect their employees, operations, and communities from the virus threat.

Qualified organisations are able to access Noggin’s free Epidemic Response Module at no charge for up to 50 users.

Read the full Daily Telegraph article here.

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