Taurus client Maestrano speaks on Sky News Business about the benefits of cloud computing

Taurus client Maestrano is on cloud nine after being featured on Skynew. Maestrano CEO Stephane Ibos explained the benefits of cloud computing for SMBs and why the cloud is safe to use, despite the recent celebrity hacking scandals.

Stephane spoke with Sky news’ Ingrid Willinge about several aspects of SMB’s and the cloud, including:

  • Barriers that can be faced
  • the importance of SMB’s joining the cloud band wagon
  • Costs associated with moving to the cloud
  • how to search for a cloud provider
  • Why moving to the cloud should be high on the priority list for SMBs
  • Why the celebrity hacking scandals should not worry SMBs
  • How clouds for professional cloud technology differs from personal cloud technology
  • How cloud technology is actually more secure than onsite servers


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