Taurus client, Dr. Frank Chow of 2OPHealth in Kochie’s Business Builders

As restrictions are eased, Australians are gradually adapting back to their professional lives in a post-COVID-19 world. While some thrive and others don’t in the WFH environment, how are extroverts and introverts different and what are their mental struggles and sentiments post-COVID-19?

Taurus client and workplace mental health expert, Dr. Frank Chow of 2OPHealth discussed this topic in a contributed article for Kochie’s Business Builders to help extroverts and introverts on their road to recovery.

Extroversion and introversion sit on two opposite ends of a spectrum. It is not as binary as we think it is as there are numerous other ways to describe an individual. It is, however, important to be self-aware of your own traits and things that work for you. Whether it is how you react to situations or how these situations affect you.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, social distancing and isolation from friends, family and your usual routines will likely present some mental health challenges. However, there is power in understanding yourself and where you sit in the introvert and extrovert spectrum,  as it gives you the ability to be mindful of your actions, self-regulate your emotions and adapt your behaviour accordingly.

Read the full article in Kochie’s Business Builders here.

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